WAITING FOR REFINITIV’S GODOT A Malaise in Common Courtesy

It is a bleak place to stand waiting, the entrance lobby to Refinitiv’s New York offices at 3 Times Square. Nowhere to sit, bleached white walls, comings and goings through the revolving doors, slight drizzle outside on Halloween.

I arrived early at 09 25, a confirmed meeting with a senior Refinitiv executive who had even asked 2 days earlier to push back the schedule from 09 00 to 09 30. 

At 10 00, I called it quits. Never did hear anything since, no BS ‘apologies’, no email to say “Joined Seal 6 for secret mission at short notice”. Nothing.

It sends a bad message about Refinitiv, lets down fine individuals who work there.

Sadly it seems to be indicative of a culture that does not value other people’s time, but bitches like crazy when it happens to them.

I usually say ‘Enjoy’ here, but it was not an enjoyable experience.

Keiren Harris