The Guru’s Useful Links

DataContent Consultants, co-founded by Keiren Harris                DataContent

Iain Reid, a co-founders research solutions company.                   EFA, aggregated news for the industry (in Chinese!)

FISD, the market data industries representative body                   FISD

SIIA, FISD’s parent body and software industry association          SIIA

Futures Magazine                                                                                 Futures

Global Trading/FIX Global                                                                   FIX Global

Information Providers User Group                                                    IPUG

Global FinTech Association                                                                 GFA

The Indus Entrepreneurs                                                                    TIE

Global Financial Markets Association                                                GFMA

World Federation of Exchanges                                                          WFE

Wholesale Markets Brokers Association                                           WMBA

International Organisation of Securities Exchanges                       IOSCO

International Capital Markets Association                                       ICMA

Bob’s Guide, Connecting Financial Technology                               Bob’s Guide

Mondo Visione-Worldwide Exchange Intelligence                          MV

Water’s Technology                                                                              Water’s

Inside Market Data                                                                               IMD

Inside Reference Data                                                                         IRD

Burton-Taylor Report, market data segmentation research        Burton-Taylor