Regulatory Reports Download Centre

Regulators have an increasingly effect on how financial institutions source data, including MiFID2, IOSCO Principles and FRTB. Here we, through DataContent, provide background information which have financial information and market data angles. It is important to note that these reports are snapshots at a point in time and space and the world of regulation is dynamic, therefore these presentations and reports are published as an aid to further research.

DataContent FRTB Market Data Requirements Summary Comments 2016

A look at the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book impact on market data sourcing, a subject not as widely discussed as it should be.

DataContent IOSCO Principles & Impact on Data Sourcing & Market Data Vendors 2014

A presentation view on how IOSCO Principles could affect data sourcing.

DataContent IOSCO Financial Benchmarks Report 2014

A more detail view of the impacts of the IOSCO Principles on Financial Bencharks.