MDI Part 4 Dollars and Data Sources

Part 4 ‘Dollars and Data Sources’

Welcome to the Market Data Industry, the original FinTech industry, the oil lubricating global financial markets. We analyse, discuss and review the issues which make market data tick now and try to look into what the future might just hold.

In Part 4 we analyse how data can be magically transformed into a good source of hard revenue.


Section     Title                                                                                         Publication Date

4.1             Dollars & Data Sources: Revenue by Infinite Elasticity    17 May 2017

4.2             How Exchanges Make Money from Market Data             19 May 2017

4.3             Business Strategies for Data Sources (Exchanges)          22 May 2017

4.4             Dollar Value of Unique Data                                                24 May 2017

4.5             Dollars & Data Sources: In Summary                                 26 May 2017

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