MDI Part 3 Market Data & Yellow Brick Roads

Part 3 ‘Market Data & Yellow Brick Roads’

Welcome to the Market Data Industry, the original FinTech industry, the oil lubricating global financial markets. We analyse, discuss and review the issues which make market data tick now and try to look into what the future might just hold.

In Part 3 we delve deeper into the fundamental and perhaps not so obvious transformation that is occurring and ask “Why?”


Section               Title                                                                                                                      Publication Date

3.1                       The Market Data Yellow Brick Road                                                                 05 May 2017

3.2                       Financial Institutions & Big changes in their Market Data requirements  08 May 2017

3.3                       New Technologies, Will the ‘The Cloud’ Rain on Big Data?                            10 May 2017

3.4                       The Business of Information: Aggregation, Fragmentation & Disruption  12 May 2017

3.5                       The Many Market Data Yellow Brick Roads                                                      15 May 2017

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