MDI Part 1 Market Data Crystal Balls: A Business Revolution

Part 1 ‘Market Data Crystal Balls: A Business Revolution’

Welcome to the Market Data Industry, the original FinTech industry, the oil lubricating global financial markets. We analyse, discuss and review the issues which make market data tick now and try to look into what the future might just hold.

In Part 1 we set the scene in 4 articles.


Section               Title                                                                                                Publication Date

1.1                       Gazing towards the Future: Thoughts and Observations       10 April 2017

1.2                       Open Skies: New Technology Horizons                                      12 April 2017

1.3                       Changing of the Guard                                                                  14 April 2017

1.4                       Summary: Vive la Révolution!                                                       19 April 2017

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