MDG Website: Principles & Purpose

Market Data Guru’s Two principles:

  1. The Strategic Vision. To analyse, discuss and present from a global view the business dynamics of financial information and market data. This all about ‘data for dollars’ and revenue creation. It is a strategic examination of the dynamics behind the industry, what drives it, who is doing the driving, who will be doing the driving, where it is going, and why.
  2. The Tactical Perspective. We ask questions, and provide answers by reviewing how the financial information industry functions and discussing the business mechanics of market data. How is market data used? What is it used for now? What will it be used for in the future? Why? Importantly what is the dollar value to sources, value added creators, distributors, and the end users.

The 12 leading Information Providers to the financial markets total revenues for the year ending 2015 was US$44.6 Billion (This does include non-market data services) with an estimated market capitalisation of US$215 Billion (3 March 2017).

Market Data is a big, valuable, and important industry.

We look at the role market data plays in the financial markets. It is literally the oil that keeps it all functioning. No prices, no markets, no seller, no buyer.

The Unnoticed Revolution

At this moment, the world of market data is going through an innovation revolution, which arguably is going unnoticed as to the potential extent of its consequences. FinTech, The Cloud, Big Data, fragmentation, all these are leading to greater flexibility of choice, and expanding creativity of usage.

Individually these innovations are transformational, but coming together at the same time they are truly epic in scope, function and effect.

And all this under the shadow of an increasingly intrusive regulatory framework is re-defining what market data is required, for what purpose, and who will be providing the products.

Fundamentally this begins to challenge the root of the industry, who owns market data, the IPRs, and rights to use market data. This must not be ignored.

A Global Industry

Our purpose is to promote awareness of the market data revolution, facilitate debate, and crucially on a global basis. Although it may seem the financial world revolves around London and New York, with the market data industry in attendance, we aim to bring a global perspective.