Information Ownership, IPRs & Minefields

Identifying, Understanding & Mitigating the Issues

Theoretically understanding who owns what, and where it is should be clear cut. If you own a car which is a clear tangible item ownership is obvious.

So welcome to the cyber-space world of information ownership and market data, where everything is not as neat and tidy as it should be.

The issue of sales v licences, ownership and permitted usage make it remarkably difficult to apply real world standards, and interestingly allow disruptive players who do not play by existing rules to enter the market.

And welcome to this 8 part section comprising of:

IPR 1 Market Data, the Intangible Asset with Big Dollar Value

IPR 2 Ownership, IPRs & Minefields: Treading Carefully

IPR 3 Ownership & IPRs: Ignorance is a Costly Bliss

IPR 4 Data Sales & Licences? Concepts & Consequences

IPR 5 IPRs Market Data Control, Monitoring & Reporting in the Cloud Age

IPR 6 Weighing the Scales Data Licence Management v Mismanagement

IPR 7 Data Compliance Audits Traps & Triggers

IPR 8 Minefields, Ownership & IPRs: Good Navigators Required

The full report will be available for download here once each section has been published.