MDI Part 5 Business Tectonics & Market Data’s Changing Faces

Part 5 Market Data Vendors: Business Tectonics

Welcome to the Market Data Industry, the original FinTech industry, the oil lubricating global financial markets. We analyse, discuss and review the issues which make market data tick now and try to look into what the future might just hold.

In Part 5 we review the changing shapes of the market data vendors and how they are positioning themselves for the future given the resources they have at their disposal.


Section    Title                                                                                               Publication Date

5.1             Market Data Vendors: Continental Drift in Action                 29 May 2017

5.2             Trading Places Wheeling Dealing & Market Data Vendors   31  May 2017

5.3             Financial Benchmarks: All Change!                                           2 June 2017

5.4             Market Data Vendors: Hidden Monopolies, Lost Value         5 June 2017

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