Events Diary

Date Event Location Organiser
14-06-17 Reg Tech Americas 2017 New York Waters Technology
20-06-17 Utilising Blockchain Technologies in Financial Markets London Waters Technology
21-06-17 FISD Lunch & Learn London FISD
22-06-17 FISD Issue Brief London FISD
22-06-17 Next Generation Performance Measurement 2017 London Waters Technology
27-06-17 MiFID II: What you need to know Hong Kong Waters Technology
19-07-17 FISD Lunch & Libations New York FISD
20-07-17 Waters Ranking New York Waters Technology
16-08-17 Sydney Financial Information and Technology Summit Sydney Waters Technology
6-8/09/2017 WFE General Assembly & Annual Meeting Bangkok World Federation of Exchanges
07-09-17 FISD Beijing Beijing FISD
11-13/09/2017 TradeTech FX Barcelona World Business Research
13-15/09/2017 Capital Creation Europe 2017 Monte Carlo World Business Research
13-09-17 European Financial Information Summit London Waters Technology
14-09-17 FISD Singapore Singapore FISD
14-09-17 Profit & Loss Scandanavia Stockholm Profit & Loss
19-09-17 Chicago Trading Technology Summit Chicago Waters Technology
19-21/09/2017 Market Data Training New York Waters Technology
20-21/09/2017 Investops Europe 2017 London World Business Research
21-22/09/2017 BCBS 239: Implementation & Compliance Training New York Waters Technology
24-27/09/2017 WIFIC Barecelona FISD
26-28/09/2017 Fixed Income Leaders Summit APAC 2017 Singapore World Business Research
27-28/09/2017 Forex Network Chicago Chicago Profit & Loss
05-10-17 Buy-Side Technology North American Summit New York Waters Technology
19-10-17 FISD Issue Brief New York FISD
23-24/10/2017 FIMA AI 2017 San Francisco World Business Research
24-26/10/2017 TradeTech Asia 2017 Singapore World Business Research
TBA/11/2017 FISD Tokyo Tokyo FISD
TBA/11/2017 FISD Toronto Toronto FISD
03-11-17 Buy Side Technology Awards London Waters Technology
7-9/11/2017 Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2017 Amsterdam World Business Research
09-11-17 Profit & Loss Singapore Singapore Profit & Loss
13-15/11/2017 APFIC Hong Kong FISD
13-15/11/2017 Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference Hong Kong Waters Technology
14-11-17 Profit & Loss Hong Kong Hong Kong Profit & Loss
14-16/11/2017 Market Data Training London Waters Technology
16-11-17 Profit & Loss Shanghai Shanghai Profit & Loss
17-11-17 European Trading Architecture Summit London Waters Technology
25-26/11/2017 WFE & Imperial College London Technology Workshop London World Federation of Exchanges
28-30/11/2017 NetFinance Interactive Carlsbad, CA World Business Research
30-11-17 FISD Issue Brief & Christmas Party London FISD
04-12-17 Waters USA New York Waters Technology
04-12-17 American Financial Technology Awards New York Waters Technology
4-6/12/2017 Future Branches Austin, TX World Business Research
4-6/12/2017 Equity Leaders Summit Miami Beach World Business Research
5-6/12/2017 Capital Markets Innovations Summit London World Business Research
14-12-17 FISD General Meeting New York FISD
14-12-17 FISD Holiday Party New York FISD