Credit Rating Agencies

Welcome to MDG’s Credit Rating Agency Listings. This is designed to provide quick links to information on the Credit Ratings Agencies,, including websites, Google Finance Pages, and Bloomberg Research (Some are sourced elsewhere). In addition we shall be adding DataContent’s company profiles. These are brief tear sheets for reference which provides an independent view of the business.

Credit Ratings Agencies Main Subsidiaries
DataContent Profile
Google Finance
Bloomberg Profile
AM Best US Click Here Click Here
Chengxin International Credit Rating Co Moody’s Affilate CN Click Here
China Lianhe Credit Rating, Co CN Click Here
Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) IN Click Here Click Here
CRISIL, Ltd. S&P Affiliate IN Click Here Click Here
Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. CN Click Here
Dominion Bond Rating Service CA Click Here
Egan-Jones Rating Company US Click Here
Fitch Group Fitch Ratings US Click Here Click Here
Global Credit Rating Co. ZA Click Here
Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) IN Click Here Click Here
Islamic International Rating Agency, B.S.C. (IIRA) BH Click Here
Japan Credit Rating Agency JP Click Here
Korea Investors Service, Inc. (KIS) Moody’s Affilate KR Click Here Click Here
Korea Ratings Corporation Fitch Affiliate KR Click Here Click Here
Lace Financial Corporation Kroll Bond Rating Agency US krollbondratings Click Here
Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC) Fitch Affiliate MY Click Here
Moodys Moody’s Investor Services US moodysanalytics Coming Click Here Click Here
National Information & Credit Evaluation, Inc. (NICE) KR Click Here
Nikkei Group Rating & Investment Information JP Click Here
ONICRA Credit Rating Agency of India, Ltd. IN Click Here
P.T. Kasnic Credit Rating Indonesia Moody’s Affilate ID moodysindonesia Click Here Click Here
P.T. PEFINDO Credit Rating Indonesia ID Click Here
Philippine Rating Services Corporation PH Click Here
RAM Rating Services Berhad (RAM) S&P Affiliate MY Click Here
Rapid Ratings International, Inc. US Click Here
RusRating RU Click Here
S&P GMI S&P Global Ratings US standardandpoors Coming Click Here Click Here
Seoul Credit Rating & Information, Inc. JCR Affiliate KR Click Here
Shanghai Credit Information Services Co., Ltd. CN shanghai-cis Click Here
Shanghai Far East Credit Rating Co., Ltd. CN Click Here
Taiwan Ratings Corporation (TCR) S&P Affiliate TW taiwanratings
Thai Rating and Information Services Co., Ltd. (TRIS) TH Click Here
TheStreet Inc Weiss Ratings US Click Here Click Here