BUSINESS OF MARKET DATA                                     

1.1   Gazing To the Future: Thoughts & Observations
1.2   Open Skies: New Technology Observations
1.3   Changing of the Guard?                                                          
1.4   Vive la Révolution! 
2.1   Pathways: Past Tense, Future Perfect
2.2   Vendors: Billionaires & Millionaires 
2.3   Vendors: Leadership East Coast to West Coast
3.1   The Market Data Yellow Brick Road                                   
3.2   Institutions & Big changes in MDS Requirements 
3.3   New Technologies, Will ‘The Cloud’ Rain on Big Data?
3.4   MDS: Aggregation, Fragmentation & Disruption
3.5   Hub-Busting & Many Market Data Yellow Brick Roads 
4.1   Dollars & Data Sources: Revenue by Infinite Elasticity
4.2   How Exchanges Make Money from Data
4.3   Business Strategies for Data Sources (Exchanges)
4.4   Dollar Value of Proprietary & Unique Data
4.5   Dollars & Data Sources: Balance & Profitability
5.1   Market Data Vendors Continental Drift in Action
5.2   Trading Places, Wheeling, Dealing & Market Data Vendors
5.3   Financial Benchmarks: Indices, IBORs, Deals, Dollars & Sense (?)
5.4   Market Data Vendors: Monopolies, Threats & Dollar Focus
6.1   View from the World’s Financial Centres
6.2   Market Data Vendors: The Billionaire’s Club
6.3   Market Data Vendors: The Tier 2 Club
6.4   Market Data Vendors: The Outsiders
6.5   Market Data Vendors: 1 Eyed Men in Blind Kingdom?


Market Data Contract Awareness: A Quick Checklist
Information Ownership, IPRs & Minefields-Menu Link
IPR1 Market Data Intangible Asset with the Big Dollar Value
IPR2 Ownership, IPRs & Minefields: Trading Carefully
IPR3 Ownership & IPRs: Ignorance is a Costly Bliss
IPR4 Data Sales & Licences? Concepts & Consequences
IPR5 IPRs Market Data Control, Monitoring & Reporting in the Cloud Age
IPR6 Weighing the Scales Data Licence Management v Mismanagement
IPR7 Compliance Data Audits Traps & Triggers
IPR8 Minefields, Ownership & IPRs: Good Navigation
A Rough Guide to Market Data Sourcing
Data into Dollars: Leveraging for Business
8 Rules For Building a Market Data Business
Know Your Sources
Know Your Sources 1. Principles
KYS 2. Profiling Suppliers: Principle & Practice
KYS 3. Understanding Data Source Exposures